Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mom isn't ALWAYS Right...

It's hard for me to admit, but I'm not ALWAYS right, except for 99% of the time! And it's that 1% that the Bear remembers the most...

Except for lately it's more like 2% and that 2% is definitely riding on my hubby's side. Believing that I have a tendency to jump into false hysteria, the Bear has dubbed me the Chicken Little of the family.

But in my defense, I believe that most moms would become distressed if their kid's front tooth was kicked out of his head, by his menacing brother.

After noticing what looked like a shard of tooth left in the gum, (it was kind of hard to be sure through all the blood) I became alarmed and called the dentist. Of course not being able to see the gum and tooth over the phone, the dentist wanted me to bring the General in to be examined.

I called the Bear in a panic, saying that he needed to take the General to the dentist. I explained the whole tooth kicking incident and insisted that he bring the General to get checked out because it looks like a piece of the tooth might be stuck in the gum.

After listening to my recap of events, the Bear calmly asked," Was it a baby tooth that was knocked out?"

"Yes! But I think part of it is still in the gum!" I replied.

To which he Bear followed up with, "Are you sure it's not the new tooth popping through?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure. That's why I want you to take him to the dentist to find out!"

I could hear the annoyance and restrain the the Bear's voice, "Is this going to be like the time I paid $90 for the Dr. to tell me that the kids had bug bites, which you insisted were the chicken pox?"

God, I hate it when he's right!