Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day 2008- Gift priceless!

The General recently invited me to his Mother's Day Tea at his pre-school. Each mother was presented with a certificate that was filled out by their is what the General had to say about me!

Mother's Day May, 2008

My mom's name is Josie. She is 5 year's old and has brown eyes and blonde hair. My mom is 10 feet tall and weighs 5 lbs. Her favorite food is beef. My mom likes to work. My mom looks silly when she---she never looks silly. I love my mom because she helps me find the toys I lost.
Love, Scotty (Aka the General)

I feel a Mastercard commercial coming on...

Preschool $200 a month,
trip to ER for staple in son's head after jumping off the bed, $1500,
knowing that, in the eyes of my son, I look like a young, tall, thin model that always looks good, priceless!

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Sharon said...

Reading Scotty's comments about you brought a smile to my face. It amazes me that they (children)have no real concept about size but how accurate or fitting to think that you are 10 feet tall and can do anything. His comments are the best gift a mother can ever recieve. I hope you saved his note. love mom